Confused about .rar files? Hopefully this will help.

To start, you’ll need software to extract .rar files. There are plenty of options out there.

For Windows, I recommend WinRAR:
For Mac, I recommend “The Unarchiver”:

Simply open the .rar file in the program of your choice to extract the library.

If the library you’ve purchased was a big one, it may be split into multiple parts: (Library Name.part1.rar, Library Name.part2.rar, …)

To extract split .rar files, simply open the first part (Library Name.part1.rar), and the program will take care of grabbing the files it needs from the other parts. When it’s done extracting, you’re all set. No need to open up the other parts.

If you have any other questions/issues, feel free to contact me.