• New Free(ish) Library System
    For the past 5 years, Collected Transients has released a free sound effects library around December 25th. These libraries used to be only available for a limited time, and then pulled from the site. No way to grab the library again. If you missed out, you missed out! Fun for […]
  • Collected Transients is Now UCS Compliant (Plus more!)
    Have you heard about the Universal Category System (UCS)? It’s a wonderful metadata initiative spearheaded by Tim Nielsen, Justin Drury, & Kai Paquin with the collaboration of sound effects librarians, vendors, and designers around the globe. If you can’t tell by the name, the main goal of UCS is to […]
  • Recording the “Implosion” Sound Effects Library
    I was scrolling through my Google news feed one night when something piqued my interest. The roof of a stadium was to be imploded in Milwaukee, WI. I’d never seen an implosion and thought it might be a neat thing to see (and of course record!), so I made plans […]
  • Zapsplat Interview
    I (virtually) sat down with Justin Macleod to have a chat about Combustion and all things Collected Transients! Read the whole interview here!
  • The Hunt: Recording a Hail Cannon
    The following is a repost of a blog I wrote for A Sound Effect for my Combustion library: It all started with a “boom”.
  • Metadata Makeover
    Hello, transient collectors! 😉 For the past couple months, I’ve been working on completely revamping all of the file names and metadata for Collected Transients Sound Effects Libraries. There are multiple reasons for doing this… but here are the three main points:
  • A Sound Effect Podcast: Thermal Flux
    The wonderful A Sound Effect podcast is back with a new episode, and I was honored to be their guest! I talk with Christian Hagelskjaer From and Asbjoern Andersen about the wild process of recording the extreme temperature reactions in Thermal Flux. You can also check out this A Sound Effect […]
  • Designing Sound: Pushing the Boundary – SFX Creators
    The wonderful Adriane Kuzminski did a great interview with a collections of field recordists for Designing Sound. I was happy to be among the great folks in the group. Check out the whole interview here!