Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my files?

Upon purchase you will be directed to a page with personalized download links. An email with these same download links will also be sent to the email address entered during checkout.

Do my links expire?

Yes. Download links are valid for 72 hours after purchase. Can’t download files in time? Simply reply to your order email to get in touch.

Do Collected Transients’ libraries have metadata?

Yes. Sound effects libraries from Collected Transients have thorough metatdata. All files are embedded with Broadcast Wave, iXML, Soundminer, and Basehead metadata. .CSV,¬† and .TSV files with all metadata are also included with purchase. (MaK is the exception. It’s files are built for sampler based playback, not a sound library)

How do I open these .rar files?

Hey, there’s a page for that!: Extracting .RAR files

How/where can I use Collected Transients sound effects?

In general, feel free to use Collected Transients sound effects in just about any media project you have: Film, Commercial, Game, Live Performance, etc. All libraries are royalty free. Just don’t re-distribute any libraries or files. For a more official & detailed description, check out the EULA.

Can I use my purchase on multiple machines?

Sure! But if multiple people are going to be using the library, please purchase a multi-user license at a discounted rate.

Have any free stuff?

Yup! Every year around Christmas time (December 25th), Collected Transients releases a free library. The catch? It’s only free for a limited time. If you miss it, you’re not totally out of luck! Be sure to follow Collected Transients on Facebook & Twitter to catch the next one!

Does Collected Transients offer student discounts?

We sure do! Learn more here.

Is my information safe?

Yes. Collected Transients stores no customer payment¬†information. All transactions are passed directly to PayPal or Stripe’s secure servers. Your connection with the Collected Transients website is also fully encrypted with a SHA-256 SSL certificate.

I have another question

No problem! Get in touch!