Collected Transients’ sound effects libraries are recorded at high sample rates. Why does that matter? In a word: Flexibility

High sample rates mean ultrasonic frequencies can be captured with the correct equipment. Played back at a normal rate, you won’t notice a difference; most adults can only hear up to ~18kHz or lower. Slow the sound effect down (as designers often do), and the difference is immediately noticeable! As the playback speed is reduced, these ultrasonic sounds are pitched down to an audible range. This has two major benefits:


When you slow down a regular old 48kHz recording, the pitch will of course get lower, but you’ll lose a lot of high frequency information. That 24kHz Nyquist frequency get’s lowered to 12kHz at 1/2 speed and just 6kHz at 1/4 speed… You won’t hear anything above that! Listen and manipulate this 48kHz fuse recording as an example. Use the slider below the waveform to slow down the playback speed:

48kHz Recording

Notice how at lower speeds, the high frequency content is gone? It sounds like an obviously slowed down recording.

Now, try the same thing with this 192kHz recording of that same whoosh:

192kHz Recording

Quite the difference, right? Even at very slow speeds, the higher frequencies remain. The result is a rich sound that stands on it’s own, rather than something the sounds like it’s slowed down.


High sample rates can reveal sounds you had no idea existed. Have a listen to this 192kHz large propane torch recording at full speed, and then slow it way down:

192kHz Recording

Didn’t realize those crazy ultrasonic whistling screams were there, did you? With high sample rates, the inaudible can become audible, adding another layer of creative potential to the sounds in your library.

Lets try that same sound again, with a 48kHz file:

48kHz Recording

Not nearly as cool, huh? Lower fidelity and no neat high frequency whistle in this one. Are you on the 192 train yet? Collected Transients is! Come join us. 😉

Collected Transients offers it’s sound effects libraries at the high sample rates the recordings were captured in, at no additional cost. No tiers or versions with lower sample rates. Just high quality sounds ready to be stretched, bent, and molded into your next creation. Check them out below!