collected transients testimonials

Curious what other sound designers are saying about Collected Transients Sound Effects Libraries? Check out these testimonials from film, TV, and game audio professionals:

Will FilesStar Wars: The Force Awakens | Deadpool | The Invisible Man

These are some of the most unique sounds I’ve ever encountered in a commercial sound library, and I’ve found a use for them in every single one of my recent projects – often in ways they were never intended!

Robby Stambler10 Cloverfield Lane | Super 8 | Venom

Collected Transients quite simply is one of the best in the biz – Stosh’s sound aesthetic is so tasty and fresh – I take every opportunity I can find to use his recordings on my projects

Dillon BennettHis Dark Materials | Alien: Covenant | Paddington

Stosh at Collected Transients is quite possibly my favourite sound effects creator and his innovative libraries are an essential tool in my work. If you’re looking for unique, stand-out sounds to base key sound design moments around, look no further!

Angelo PalazzoStranger Things | Star Trek: Discovery | Frozen II

Wonderfully detailed and useful sound fx libraries. My favorites are rOtation and Thermal Flux, both of which I’ve used on various shows including Alita: Battle Angel and Stranger Things Season 3. They’re great source material to use for design, particularly Rotation as this library is loaded with unique movements that are often lacking in other libraries.

Austin KrierAltered Carbon | Stargirl | Legends of Tommorow

I love the libraries I purchased from Collected Transients. I work on a show called Legends of Tomorrow. I’ve used the rOtation sounds in several episodes. The Diffuse City sounds are in almost every ep at this point. Great background layers. The sounds have definitely made my job easier simply because they’re unique. I have nothing else like rOtation in my library and it’s always nice to have fresh material. The sound quality is great. Even under heavy manipulation, they hold up.

Kristi McIntyrePower Rangers | PAW Patrol | The Highwaymen

I love your rOtation library and use it all the time, the sounds are very unique/high quality and provide great source material that can be used in all kinds of fun and interesting ways.

Jesse RopeDestiny 2 | Halo 4 | Killer Instinct

Combustion came along just at the right time when I was in desperate need for some fresh fire fiery content working on Supers in Destiny. I’d never heard flame recordings so varied and expressive and cracking open that library gave me a huge kick of inspiration. I’ll always click through to see what Collected Transients puts out next.

Enos DesjardinsBlack Mirror | Marcella | iBoy

The libraries I own from Collected Transients have proven to be very useful so far. I have particularly found myself using the We Are The People library on a feature documentary project recently about the Black Lives Matter movement. They were well recorded and were essential in creating realistic and large protest soundscapes. The sound quality have been great on all their libraries so far and the fact they are recorded at high sample rates are a bonus too

Anna SulleyShameless | Snatch | Hustle

There’s tons of design potential to be found in the Combustion library. Check out growling tubes for all your bridging into silence and slow-mo action needs! Diffuse City has been a welcome addition to my ambience collection too. Top class original sounds all round!

Edward BaumanGears 5 | Gears of War 4

Collected Transients is a fantastic sound library creator. The recordings and final content are always unique, with high quality, and really exploring each of the themes deeply. For example, rOtation contains many different objects of many different materials spinning inside other various materials in many different speeds. It’s all you need for crazy rotating objects sounds. Of course, all of it can also be used creatively, as I have used rOtation to build the sound of a power generator about to explode! Really good stuff!

Charles MaynesSEAL Team | Spiderman | Twister

The Implosion library is a great resource to expand any library with great destruction sounds

Michal FojcikLoving Vincent | The Coldest Game | Arbitrage

Collected Transients libraries are one of the most creative sound packs out there. I used them on countless projects. They are delivered just in a way sound editors need – with many variations and excellent metadata.

Tim Farrell The Walking Dead | Star Trek: Picard | See

I really enjoyed the sound design potential for the rOtation library. There’s some great material to make Sci-Fi engines. Really fun unique stuff

Clark Wen Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare | Metroid Prime | Call of Duty: Ghosts

Thermal Flux is one of the best libraries I’ve heard in a while. Really unique and well-recorded sounds that you won’t find anywhere else.

Russell Topal Doctor Sleep | Rick and Morty | Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Collected Transients libraries have absolutely made my job easier. I use Diffuse City all the time and used rOtation quite a bit on Blood Drive, the last show I was on.

Joe BarruccoKickboxer: Vengeance | Pandemic | Cheap Thrills

Meticulously edited, superb sound quality! Collected Transients Diffuse City has become my “go to” when looking for those quiet city landscapes devoid of a lot of human activity, which is very hard to find in other libraries and is often needed a lot for building out a film’s soundscape. rOtation has provided me with some amazing unique organic textures for anything that spins in some projects I’ve worked on.

Daniel TimmonsHamilton | Strong Island | Dirty Money

There are libraries for sale, and then there are libraries that are actually useful. It’s immediately evident that the Collected Transients SFX were created by an artist who is using these effects on the daily. Diffuse City, rOtation, and MaK have become go-to libraries for me, and in addition, they contain zero filler and are ergonomically organized to boot.

Shaun GallagherMortal Kombat X | Extinction

Collected Transients recordings are truly unique additions to my library. High quality and superbly recorded with fantastic equipment makes them a great foundation for my sound designs. The metadata is also meticulous and thorough, which makes finding them fast and easy. A no-brainer purchase with every new release!

Luca FusiOxygen Not Included | Plants Vs. Zombies: Heroes | The Witness

Collected Transients have consistently earned their place as one of my favorite boutique library teams with inventive, kinetic and eminently usable sounds in every library. rOtation, Thermal Flux and Combustion are full of character and punch, and positively sing when pitched.

Jenn LewisNeed for Speed: Most Wanted | Company of Heroes | SSX Tricky

Collected Transients SFX libraries are playful quality fun! I am pretty much immediately distracted when I see a new offering come available. Thanks for the inspiration!

George HaddadGotham | CSI: NY | Mad Men

(On Diffuse City) – The recordings sound so unique that I cannot recognize what city this was recorded in. Furthermore the recordings are not what we usually hear from other city ambiences that have traffic and walla and other sounds that are difficult to remove when they’re all tied in one recording . There is enough detail to make it ominous, steady, and supportive, for various locations within the show, whether it’s a scary night time scene, or dangerous alley scene, or surreal dream sequence. I don’t have to worry about car horns, or tire skids popping out.

Selcuk Bor Slender: The Arrival | Valley | Citadel: Forged With Fire

Machine Emanation is an incredible collection of sounds. It is worth easily 3x what you’re charging for it and it’s already become a center piece in our project

Bob Arons Mr. Robot | Chicago Med | Nasheville

(On Diffuse City) – I have used it a ton on every show I edit. I’m a big fan. It is my favorite library that I have bought in a long time. It’s been awesome for city locations, office rooms and residential areas on the outskirts of the city. All the info that comes up on Soundminer with the markers is great.

Rod O’Brien Grace & Frankie | Power | Eastbound & Down

Diffuse City has been a great addition to my work flow. Really great sounding city ambiences. MaK is a fun and easy to use addition that makes it easy to add those computer sounds to a project.

Joe Fletcher Fortitude | Death in Paradise | Ripper Street

Collected Transients’ rOtation and Machine Emanation libraries have become two of my most used libraries for source material when creating original sound design. Both are very well recorded, and high quality with lots of variation, which makes them great value for money. I particularly enjoy creating risers from rOtation.

Harry Barnes Doctor Who | World on Fire | Midsomer Murders

I find Collected Transients libraries great for the basis of some of my sound design work. rOtation and Machine Emanation in particular have taken some ideas in completely different arcs for the better! Great stuff!

Thomas Vertongen Undercover | Disobedience | Calibre

Combustion and rOtation especially are two great libraries for sound design, from weapons to exotic machines. Well recorded and detailed. And when doing urban backgrounds, I always find interesting and highly useable sounds in the Diffuse City library.

Paolo Armao Redout | Blind | Goat of Duty

rOtation is a great sounding library obtained with innovative recording approaches! A great starting point for some energy sound effects while we were working on the videogame “Redout”.

Geraldo Gutierrez Dolemite is My Name | Doctor Sleep | Roma

Diffuse City is my favorite ambience library to use on any and every project I have to cut Backgrounds on. The library has long audio files which is perfect to find a great section to trim and fit into a scene. I love the metadata that comes with each sound files of the little accents in each of the recordings noting “Car Pass by, Car Alarm, Airplane”. It helps to either pick those environment accents or to avoid them. The best part about the diffused ambience is that you get clean sounding ambiances, when you need to fill a city ambience this should be your go to library.

Gerry Vazquez Dynasty | Curb Your Enthusiasm | The Mist

Mouse & Keyboard makes my life so much easier. I can knock out any computer / typing scenes in seconds, and the phone / tablet sounds are also an excellent touch. All of the sounds are high quality, and the randomization is organic and believable. This instrument is a huge time-saver and allows you to create custom and synced foley sounds in a fraction of the time.