collected transients testimonials

Curious what others are saying about Collected Transients Sound Effects Libraries? Check out these testimonials from film, TV, and game audio professionals:

Austin Krier – Sound Editor
Legends of Tomorrow | Supergirl | This Isn’t Working | IMDB

“I love both libraries I purchased from Collected Transients. I work on a show called Legends of Tomorrow. I’ve used the rOtation sounds in several episodes. The diffuse city sounds are in almost every ep at this point. Great background layers.”
“The sounds have definitely made my job easier simply because they’re unique. I have nothing else like rOtation in my library and it’s always nice to have fresh material. The sound quality is great. Even under heavy manipulation, they hold up.”

George Haddad – Sound Supervisor/Sound Designer
Gotham | Mad Men | CSI:NY | IMDB

(On Diffuse City) – “The recordings sound so unique that I cannot recognize what city this was recorded in.  Furthermore the recordings are not what we usually hear from other city ambiences that have traffic and walla and other sounds that are difficult to remove when they’re all tied in one recording . There is enough detail to make it ominous, steady, and supportive, for various locations within the show, whether it’s a scary night time scene, or dangerous alley scene, or surreal dream sequence.  I don’t have to worry about car horns, or tire skids popping out.  It’s easy for me to process your recording like using filters, Granular synthesis, or reverb etc… I also like it because since Gotham is filmed in New York, we do get a lot of city ambience tied into the production dialog and your library has a few files that have that kind of air that we can use as “air fill” for any of the tracks as support to cover stereo fill around the mono dialog.”

Selcuk Bor – Blue Isle Studios
Slender: The Arrival | Valley

“Machine Emanation is an incredible collection of sounds. It is worth easily 3x what you’re charging for it and it’s already become a center piece in our project”

Tim Farrell – Sound Effects Editor
The Walking Dead | Hercules | Longmire | IMDB

“I really enjoyed the sound design potential for the rOtation library. There’s some great material to make Sci-Fi engines. Really fun unique stuff.”

Bob Arons – Sound Effects Editor
X-Files | Nashville | Chicago Justice | IMDB

(On Diffuse City) – “I have used it a ton on every show I edit. I’m a big fan. It is my favorite library that I have bought in a long time. It’s been awesome for city locations, office rooms and residential areas on the outskirts of the city. All the info that comes up on Soundminer with the markers is great.“

Russell Gorsky – Sound Effects Editor
Swiss Army Man | BoJack Horseman | Blood Drive | IMDB

“Collected Transients libraries have absolutely made my job easier. I use Diffuse City all the time and used Rotation quite a bit on Blood Drive, the last show I was on.”

Rod O’brien – Supervising Sound Editor
Grace and Frankie | Eastbound & Down | Power | IMDB

“Diffuse City has been a great addition to my work flow. Really great sounding city ambiences. MaK is a fun and easy to use addition that makes it easy to add those computer sounds to a project.”

Enos Desjardins – Sound Designer
Marcella | Need for Speed: Most Wanted | Kill Command | IMDB

“The libraries I own from Collected Transients have proven to be very useful so far. I have particularly found myself using the ‘We Are The People’ library on a feature documentary project recently about the Black Lives Matter movement. They were well recorded and were essential in creating realistic and large protest soundscapes. The sound quality have been great on all their libraries so far and the fact they are recorded at high sample rates are a bonus too”

Joe Fletcher – Supervising Sound Editor
Fortitude | Unforgotten | Maigret | IMDB

“Collected Transients’ rOtation and Machine Emanation libraries have become two of my most used libraries for source material when creating original sound design. Both are very well recorded, and high quality with lots of variation, which makes them great value for money. I particularly enjoy creating risers from rOtation.”