Combustion is a sound designer’s dream collection of intense fiery and explosive source material.

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Combustion is a sound effects library exploding with combustible sound design material. It encompasses explosions, chemical reactions, fires, and various other forms of combustion. It provides a vast scope of sound design elements for weapons, whooshes, vehicles, impacts, and so much more.

Take a quick tour of all that Combustion has to offer and learn more about the various props making all the crazy sounds:

Hail CannonCombustion - Hail Cannon

This amazing vortex cannon creates jaw-dropping sounds, and does so with incredible power. It ignites oxy-acetylene gas and releases the exploding gasses through a specially shaped barrel to create invisible vortex rings that blare and whistle up through the atmosphere. Designed to disrupt the formation of hail via shock waves, it’s owner compared it to a large Howitzer cannon without the ammo. This beast is captured from four perspectives. Each one is available in raw and sweetened forms in addition to the full mix of microphones, allowing great flexibility in your design projects.

Whoosh BottlesCombustion - Whoosh Bottles
Whoosh Bottles take advantage of more controlled combustion by only allowing gas to enter and exit through a single vent. The dance of the combustion’s gasses escaping while air attempts to enter to feed the fire results in unique sounding resonant whooshes and fluttering from each container. From a massive metal barrel to a small can… a huge glass jug, to tiny bottles…  these whoosh bottles are amazing sound design material.

Roaring PipesCombustion - Roaring Pipes
Combusting fumes in pipes results in some crazy sounding roars. With various lengths, diameters, and materials… there’s a wide variety of material to work with here. Crackly and gritty roars. Long resonant bassy groans. Massive whooshes. It’s all there begging to be molded into your next creature or designed pass-by.

Growling TubesCombustion - Growling Tubes
How do you make a tube growl? Methylacetylene-propadiene propane, of course 😀 This incredibly combustible gas burns through tubes short and long. Sometimes the flame viciously tears it’s way to the exit with a large pop. Sometimes it gingerly resonates along the length of the tube until it fizzles out. These unique sounds are great design tools for weapons, impacts, transitions, and so much more.

Visco FusesCombustion - Visco Fuses
You might think fuses make pretty consistent sounds, but throw them in some unique situations and you can get some wild sounding material. In Combustion, special visco fuses were used to burn underwater with hydrophones. Extremely fast burning fuses were stuffed in pipes and whirled in circles resulting in spectacular sounds with some serious ultrasonic content.

Pulse Jet JarsCombustion - Pulse Jet Jars
Pulse Jet Jars are like perfectly tuned whoosh bottles. They’re created in a way that allows them to burn for a much longer time with a strong pulsating flame. Quite literally a jet engine in a jar, the repetitive exchange of fuel and air produces a very distinct quick pulsing sound that has many creative uses.

Large BlowtorchCombustion - Large Blowtorch
Truly combustion in it’s most basic sense… this massive propane torch is a force to be reckoned with. It burns through fuel like it’s going out of style and packs a serious punch. Powerful roaring bursts are supplemented with whooshing flame-bys at various fuel-rates. The hiss and tones from propane flowing add a unique layer of (often ultrasonic) sound design potential.

Ammonium DichromateCombustion - Ammonium Dichromate
Ammonium dichromate is a fairly mundane looking material… a simple orange dust. When heated to a certain point, however, a chemical reaction takes place resulting in a sparkling light show with a hissing and crackling decomposition sound. This reaction comes with some very hazardous byproducts, so please don’t try this at home!

Gas HeaterCombustion - Gas Heater
This heater might not be as dangerous or showy as the other props in this library. However, the raw heat against metal produces some great undulating resonant tones along the crackling tings from liquid propane.

Want some more?

Ultrasonic Content

Combustion - Ultrasonic Content

Like every other sound design library from Collected Transients, Combustion is recorded at 192kHz/24bit so all of the delectable ultrasonic content is properly captured. “But I’m not a dog!” you say, “I only hear to a mere 20,000 Hz.”

Fret not, Sound Designer, the ultrasonic content in these collections is captured to allow you to massively pitch-shift and process the sounds while retaining fidelity and revealing elements you couldn’t perceive before. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to demos and learn more here!

Thorough and Consistent Metadata

Combustion - Thorough Metadata

Combustion offers thorough metadata that works across all popular audio database software. Each file is embedded with exhaustive information about the recording. Aside from the usual ‘description’, many other fields are available that provide useful tidbits like recording notes, microphone information/placement, category, and sub-category. All sound effects also come embedded with an image showing exactly what was happening during the recording.

Multi-Take Files = Less Clutter

Combustion - Multi-Take Waveform

Combustion takes advantage of multi-take files for many recordings. Adding 685 FILES to your library might sound nice, but logically organizing those 685 SOUNDS into 209 files makes SFX easier to find and edit in your project. Sounds are organized into multi-take files by the various facets of the recordings. Take “Growling Tubes” for example. There are a lot of varied sounds created by this prop. Some have high tones, some have low tones, some vibrate, some are airy, some are short… You get the idea. Combustion takes those various qualities and parses them down to multi-take files, so it’s easy to identify what you’re looking for and have similar takes readily available.

Additional information


4.8 GB

Sound Effects





~1hr 20min

File Type



192 kHz/24 bit

Equipment Used

Aquarian H2a, Barcus Berry 4000, Earthworks TC30, Schoeps CMIT 5 U, Sennheiser MKH 60, Sennheiser MKH 8040, Sony PCM-D100, Sound Devices 302, Sound Devices 744t