Feedback is a collection of a wild digital feedback sound effects. From standard ringing to chaotic digital noise.

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Feedback is a collection of well… feedback sound effects! Created by digitally misrouting various audio signals in numerous ways to create truly wild sound effects:

  • Speaker ringing feedback to thunderous rumbles
  • Grating tinnitus effects to pleasant tones
  • Rhythmic pulses to chaotic digital noise and much more

Feedback combines the binary precision of digital audio with the unpredictable quality of signal feedback to create a treasure trove of ultrasonic rich sound design material. Use Feedback to flavor your next sci-fi project, bring dramatic tension to a scene, simulate head-aching tinnitus, and so much more!

Ultrasonic Content

ultrasonic feedback sound effects

Like every other sound design library from Collected Transients, Feedback is recorded at 192kHz/24bit so all of the delectable ultrasonic content is properly captured. “But I’m not a dog!” you say, “I only hear to a mere 20,000 Hz.”

Fret not, Sound Designer, the ultrasonic content in these collections is captured to allow you to massively pitch-shift and process the sounds while retaining fidelity and revealing elements you couldn’t perceive before. Don’t take our word for it. Listen to demos and learn more here!

Thorough and Consistent Metadata

Combustion - Thorough Metadata

Feedback offers thorough metadata that works across all popular audio database software. Each file is embedded with exhaustive information about the recording. Aside from the usual ‘description’, many other fields are available that provide useful tidbits like recording notes, microphone information/placement, category, and sub-category. Each Feedback sound effect is also embedded with an image showing it’s unique spectrogram.

Additional information


3.2 GB


~49 min

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192 kHz/24 bit

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