rOtation is a library built for sound design centered around things that spin.

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rOtation is a sound effects library built for sound design centered around things that spin. It contains nearly 200 exceptional sounds and is the first of its kind. If you’re looking for brand new sound design source material, rOtation is the ticket.

Several months of research and recording has led to this very unique collection. It’s props range from ball bearings to trash cans; magnets to fireworks; water to nuts… all in the realm of rotation. It contains sounds of things that have never been included in a sound effects library before. The sound of a Euler’s Disk speeding up exponentially fast… The whir and chatter of Hurricane balls spinning to 5000+ RPM… Nuts and quarters zipping and buzzing by in a rumbling balloon… The power of neodymium magnets bending the tones of vibrating glass…

It’s all there; recorded at high sample rates to be stretched, bent, and molded into your next creation. Check out some samples:

Unique Mic Techniques

Every recording in this library was captured in a way to emphasize the rotational nature of the prop. Sometimes that meant simple XY recording, but sometimes it meant coming up with unconventional mic positioning to get the right sound. The result is sounds that will make your head spin, and your design shine.

High Sample Rates

Those high resolutions aren’t just for taking up space on your hard drive. They allow for much more manipulation than your typical sound effects. With a 192kHz sampling rate, you can do extreme pitch bending and stretching without sacrificing fidelity.

Surreal Props

rOtation‘s use of props is one of the things that makes it so unique. Ball bearings transform into 5000+ RPM Hurricane balls. Super strong neodymium magnets spin and resonate with glass. Quarters and nuts rotate and inside a rumbling balloon, zipping and buzzing by the microphones.

Useful Metadata

Like all Collected Transients sound effects libraries, rOtation comes with thorough metadata. However it’s very important with a library like this that it not only include literal descriptions, but also useful keywords. Most probably won’t think “I need the sound of a nut rolling around in a balloon”… but rather “I want some kind of rumble buzz spin sound.” With rOtation, finding the sound you need is easy.

Additional information


7.4+ GB


2+ Hours

Sound Effects




File Type



192 kHz/24 bit

Equipment Used

Barcus Berry 4000, Neumann KM 184, Oktava MK-012, Schoeps CMIT 5 U, Sound Devices 744t