This Library Sucks


This Library Sucks is a collection of strong suction sound effects.

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This Library Sucks is a collection of wild suction sounds from a whole house vacuum system. With no motor sounds, this suction library has some extremely useful recordings for both practical effects and creative sound design. Recorded at 192/24 and FULL of rich ultrasonic material, it’s ready to be bent and molded into your next creation! This Library Sucks… let’s make sure your sound design doesn’t. 😉

This Library Sucks is a free(ish) library. What does that mean?

Every year (around December 25th), Collected Transients releases a free sound effects library. The catch? It’s only available for free to the public for a very limited time. After that, there are two ways to grab them:

  1. Purchase any regular (not free-ish) Collected Transients library. Following purchase, you’ll be sent a unique coupon code to get all the free(ish) libraries at no additional cost!
  2. Pay a small fee. After the free period, each library is available to the public for a small fee.

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192 kHz/24 bit

Equipment Used

Sennheiser MKH 8040, Sound Devices MixPre-10T