The Flusher


The Flusher is a swirling collection of various toilet flush sound effects.

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The Flusher is a collection of toilet flushing sound effects gathered in recording travels across America and even other countries! Jet toilets sprays, transportation toilet suction, and traditional toilet gurgles… this library has got it all! 🚽

The Flusher is a free(ish) library. What does that mean?

Every year (around December 25th), Collected Transients releases a free sound effects library. The catch? It’s only available for free to the public for a very limited time. After that, there are two ways to grab them:

  1. Purchase any regular (not free-ish) Collected Transients library. Following purchase, you’ll be sent a unique coupon code to get all the free(ish) libraries at no additional cost!
  2. Pay a small fee. After the free period, each library is available to the public for a small fee.

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503 MB

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48 kHz/24 bit

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Oktava MK-012, Sony PCM-D100, Sound Devices 744t, Zoom H4n